Tinsel Copper Wire and its Uses

Published: 31st May 2010
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The major use of copper wire is for electrical wires and equipments and also for making electronic gadgets. The main use of copper wires is indeed in making electric wires for many reasons but the main one being its good conductivity of electricity. Copper contains many impurities. Copper is not easily found without impurities but there is one variety of copper called cadmium free copper that is widely believed to be the purest. It is more popularly known as electrolyte copper.

Bare copper wire is shaped very complex and cables are made out of it for overhead electricity transmission in transportation, mine trains run by electricity, subways and industrial cranes. The copper wire manufacturing involves some stages which are different for different types. The manufacturers use extracted copper rod from its ore and take it through some processes. Tinsel copper wire manufacturing is done by using materials like electrolyte copper, cadmium copper and silver plated copper. It is covered from threads like cotton, silver, nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, etc. as per the specifications of the client's orders. In general the flexibility needed for this is quite high.

Three more steps go into making tinsel copper wires. They are braiding, twisting and stranding. It is used for making all types of speakers, tweeter coils or telecom cables. Tinsel copper wires are used for all the telecommunication that we see going on all around us. We never realize the importance of this bit of dull brown wire that we often find in the junk of our home.

Copper must be the most important commercial metal throughout the world. It comes as no surprise when one learns the fact that copper is the most important generator of revenue in many countries. The electrical works alone render its importance far beyond any other metals. Use of tinsel copper wires in communication devices like voice enhancing equipments like all kinds of speakers is very significant too. We are yet to mention some other uses like jewellery, kitchen utensils, etc. Tinsel copper wires are demanded by the clients in much customized forms. The copper wire manufacturer should be able to alter their manufacturing to allow for such customizations. If that is not the case, they are not going to get too many clients and especially the much esteemed clients. Tinsel copper wires are the front-runners if we are to choose something which has helped in bringing about advances in communication technology.

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